Health Talk: How to Better Speak to Your Doctor and Get Answers

Got questions about your health or that new symptom you’re experiencing?


Speak to one of the doctors Cairns has rather than ask family or friends who are likely to give you uncertain answers because they don’t have the medical background healthcare professionals have.


Before you visit Smithfield Medical Centre or make an appointment with one of the Cairns Plaza doctors, you should know how to get the most out of your visit. You should have a conversation with your doctor, which can be informative, detailed, and rewarding if you are prepared for such an opportunity.


How to talk to your doctor and get answers


1. Be clear with your receptionist – A doctor’s appointment usually starts with a chat with a receptionist. Mention if you need an interpreter or whether you want to see either a male or a female doctor.


2. Make a list of reasons for your visit – It’s so easy to forget what you want to say to your doctor especially you find it difficult to speak to them about your problems, so make a list of the reasons for your visit and any concerns or questions you might have.


3. Prepare a list of all medications – If you took any medication before seeing a Dr Cairns has, make sure to list all of them, including dosage and frequency of intake. It is also recommended that you bring your medications along with you for good measure.


4. Wear the right clothes – Assume that you might need to undergo laboratory procedures where you may need to remove your clothes. Wear the right outfit and a visit to one of the doctors Cairns has will be convenient.


5. Share information with your doctor truthfully – Speak up about your concerns and thoughts, so your doctor will come up with a better diagnosis for your condition. A doctor’s visit is the best time to spill your guts, so to speak.


Some of the things you need to tell your doctor include:


· Your symptoms


· Any concerns about your health that you think are unusual


· Recent treatments or medical appointments


6. Ask your doctor the right questions – There’s no better way to fully understand your health or your condition than to ask your doctor directly. To make the most out of your conversation make sure to ask:


· About the dose of your medication and any alternatives available.


· Tips and how to avoid getting sick the next time.


· For any source of information that can help you better understand your health concern, such as handouts, pamphlets, or websites.


If there’s something you do not understand make sure to ask your doctor to repeat it to prevent any misunderstanding.


8. Discuss your options – Tell your doctor your preferences, so the two of you can find alternatives if needed. For instance, tell them that you prefer other options instead of a surgery. If there’s no other way, your doctor will tell you why surgery is the best form of treatment for you.


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