Car Maintenance Tips: Clever Ways You Can Organize Your Car’s Interiors

With all the available storage compartments fitted in most vehicles today, it is so easy for clutter to pile up. When you have a Jeep Cherokee, for instance, and are planning to go on a road trip with family or friends in Brisbane, the existing cargo compartment may not be enough for all the things you want to bring along. Although Brisbane Jeep dealers may recommend options such as adding a storage locker, roadside assistance kit and a collapsible cooler for your upcoming trip as part of the Jeep Brand Cargo Management System, you still need to keep your Jeep Cherokee organized.
Below are a few clever to organize your brand new Jeep Cherokee Brisbane dealers offer today:
Backseat Car Organiser
When you go on a road trip, you can’t help but bring a lot of stuff especially when you have to tag kids along. You may need to have a backseat car organizer to keep clutter at bay. Some newer Jeep models, like the new Wrangler Brisbane dealerships offer, has storage nets on all doors to keep other items within reach. This allows you to keep important items within reach.
Invest in a Car Cooler
Going for a long drive can make everyone thirsty. Instead of having to pull over to grab a cold beverage and snacks, a car cooler may be a great help. Just plug it into your Jeep’s power outlet and you can have a cold drink while on the road. You can ask any Brisbane Jeep dealers for a recommended car cooler that you can use with your Jeep Cherokee or Wrangler.
Put a Muffin Tray Inside a Basket
Your Jeep Cherokee may not have enough cup holders for everyone and improvising is a good alternative. You can put a 12-piece muffin holder inside a square laundry basket and you can have instant cup holders good for twelve people.
Use Silicon Muffin Cups
Your Jeep’s existing cup-holders can easily get cluttered. Bacteria can thrive in dirty places and your cupholders are not spared from such disease-carrying germs. You can prevent germs from flourishing when you use silicon muffin cups at the bottom of each cupholder. It is convenient to remove and clean the silicon cups once they get dirty. You can save yourself from having to clean the gunk out of the cup-holders this way.
Use a Binder Clip
If you want to have easy access to your sun glasses or pens while on the road, you can hang them on your visor using a binder clip. You can also use the front and rear door pockets of your Jeep Cherokee to store sunglasses, pens and other items you want to keep within reach. Brisbane Jeep dealers will highlight this feature when talking about your Jeep Cherokee.
Use a Shower Caddy
A shower caddy is not only useful in the bathroom. You can use a shower caddy to organize your oils and fluids. This will also prevent any spills since the shower caddy can help keep the containers upright.
When you go on a road trip, make sure to keep these tips in mind for you to have a clutter-free and organized ride. However, schedule a visit to any Brisbane Jeep service center before your trip to make sure that your car is in tip-top shape and ready for long distance travel. See more here

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