How to Become a Better Uber Driver in Australia

Thanks to apps like Uber by, it is now possible for people to safely arrive home after a late night out, to get to the airport with minimal hassle, and to visit trendy places they’ve never been to before. When you sign up as a driver, whether with your own vehicle or a car rental for Uber, you get to be an independent contractor who will get paid weekly. If you’re used to being a salaried employee, you might find the business model to be different than what you’re accustomed to. Still, it is an opportunity that can be worth trying. That is, of course, if you work to get the most out of the experience.

Keep Records of Your Spending

In Australia, you can claim a wide range of tax deductions as an Uber driver. These include cleaning costs, maintenance, tyre replacements, repairs, insurance, and registration. You can also enjoy additional benefits for parking expenses, mobile phone plans, and even music subscription fees. All you have to do is keep a record book to track your expenses. If you have Uber car financing, consult a tax agent for advice for the next tax season.

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Find Some Good Parking Space

Many drivers try to get more passengers by driving around in circles in high traffic areas like the CBD or around shopping centres. This actually doesn’t help and only adds unnecessary mileage to their Uber car hire. It would be wiser to find a nice place to park and wait. Just stay logged in to the app and chill while you can.

Pay Attention to the Passenger App

The driver app is pretty handy but it shouldn’t be the only thing you should keep your eyes on. The passenger app can actually help you plenty by letting you know where other drivers are. With this knowledge, you can strategically position yourself and get to places where you won’t have a lot of competition for fares. Some strategic thinking can help you get that money to pay for your car rental for Uber.

Remember to Refuel Yourself

Are you planning to drive for several hours at a time? Then, you are going to need some beverages and food to keep you energised. Buying stuff at convenience stores or filling stations is going to burn a hole in your pocket. Instead, you should keep a cooler filled with food and drinks in the boot. Something as simple as this can help you save money which you can use to finance Uber car instead.

Forget About the Texts

You may have already noticed that Uber frequently sends messages suggesting areas and times when the demand for rides is likely high. The problem is that when drivers flock to these recommended locations the surge pricing will decrease resulting in less income for each ride. You might find that you can make more money if you just ignore these well-meaning messages.

Overall, Uber can be a great means to earn extra income in Australia. If you aren’t a registered driver yet, how about you give it a try? A company like Keyz can help you with getting a car rental for Uber easily. Or, if you prefer, you can own a brand new car suitable for UberX at

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